Happy Pants Dance

Recently I saw a re-run of America’s Funniest Home Videos. There was this little girl who was maybe 2, and every time she answered a question right she did this cute little  “Smarty pants dance”

Ok so you get the point..super cute.

I have been increasingly frustrated because while I see small changes in my appearance while dropping weight I haven’t noticed any big changes. It just seems to be a horribly slow process. However I did decide to take my measurements. I hadn’t taken them in a few months. I was pleased. I lost 4 1/2 inches. Feeling positive, I tried on my favorite pair of blue jeans Capris. Two weeks ago I was able to put them on but I was not even close to being able to zip or button them up. There was about a 2 inch gap between the sides of the zipper! Guess what? I was able to zip and button them! Whoo Hoo! Well let me tell you I did my own dance! Running out to the living room where my husband was, I pranced around singing “Look at my pants! Look at my pants! Happy pants dance! Happy pants dance!” Needless to say he just rolled his eyes and chuckled, not overly impressed with my song and dance. When I was done acting like a total idiot he gave me a hug and said good job. As you can see it doesn’t take much to make me happy!

Flash forward a few days, we are at a store getting some things and I notice my husband constantly pulling up his shorts. My oldest son and I spent a few minutes picking on my husband because when he pulled the shorts up he hiked them way up and it just looked so funny! I teased him about needing a belt. Marty (the hubby) is quite good at ignoring  me. This time was no exception. When we got home I watched him place his cell phone in his pocket, and had to catch his pants as they slid down. Really? So I said “Are you ready to get some new clothes yet” (he hates shopping with a passion). The response I got was “Nope not yet they still stay on my body. Maybe when they drop to my ankles”.  Did I mention he hates shopping for clothes? Ha Ha The only thing keeping them from doing that is his big butt!

Out of curiosity he got on my scale. Marty had lost 9 pounds, but that was in the evening, so he did it again in the morning….11 pounds! Good for him. Marty seemed quite pleased. Me, not so much! Yes happy for him but I think I was a tad jealous! I’ve been working my butt off and haven’t seen any big physical changes. He isn’t even trying to loose weight! He just cut back on drinking soft drinks and his pants drop off! Really? Where is the fairness in that?  If he had done the Happy pants dance I think I may have thrown something at him!

I will do my Happy pants dance again one day! I will be a dancing fool! Victory will be mine!


2 thoughts on “Happy Pants Dance

  1. Men and their metabolism’s! I can’t even begin to understand why most men have an easier time losing weight, even if they aren’t really trying. I’m pretty sure it probably has something to do with the hormones in our bodies.

    Big changes will eventually come. Until then we have to celebrate our little changes. It’s easy to get frustrated when we can see a huge difference, but know it will come.

    Congrats on losing those inches and in my opinion, one step closer to your goal.

  2. You need a video of both of you doing the Happy Pants Dance together…maybe with the pants falling down. Loving your progress. Mom


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