Thanks But No Thanks!

 Today I had to go to the diabetic center for a check up/med refill for my diabetes. The Dr is good. I have never  had any problems. Today he rightfully fussed at me for not getting my A1C level down, and for my sugar readings being too high. Yeah yeah I get it! I’m working on it!

As we finished up my appointment, he handed me this packet for a new FDA approved weight loss pill. I kind of rolled my eyes and smiled as I took it. Annoyed at the fact that he didn’t even acknowledge the fact that I have dropped 16 pounds and have been eating better, exercising, and in general doing a lot better than I ever have on my own!

I get home sit down and read the information.

In one year the average weight loss is 22-28 pounds.

Yeah right what good will that do me?

Side effects are as follows:

Numbness or tingling in the hands, arms and feet, dizziness, loss of taste, insomnia, constipation and dry mouth.

UGH doesn’t sound good to me.

It’s not known if said drug changes your risk of heart problems or stroke or of death due to heart problems. It is not known if said drug is safe and effective when taken with other prescription, over the counter, or herbal weigh loss products.

Can cause birth defects, increase in heart rate, suicidal thoughts or actions, serious eye problems.

The exact way in which said drug works is not known.

Oh Yes that sounds promising (insert sarcastic voice)

Why in the heck would I ever want to take that drug?




One thought on “Thanks But No Thanks!

  1. No thanks is right! I am amazed by just how many doctors throw drugs (especially ones with insane side effects) at their patients instead of actually treating them and helping them find alternative ways to fix the problems. I love my doctor for the simple fact that she will talk with me, not at me, and and has a more natural approach to treatment. Heck she was thrilled I lost 10 pounds during the past year when I saw her in February. Having my fair share of less then stellar doctors, I will just curl up in a ball in the corner if my current doc retires or leaves NYC.

    Hooray for your weight loss! You are definitely proving that things can be done on your own. Takes a little (ok ALOT of) sweat, sometimes tears, will power and determination to make it happen. Keep it going and one day we’ll be RUNNING a 5K together! 🙂

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