images 5How do we measure success? Is it by the car we drive? Is it by the house we live in or the location of our neighborhood? Is it by the jobs we have and the money we make? What about the clothes we wear? Or the jewelry we own? Is our success measured by what college we went to or even if we didn’t go to college?

Who tells us how to measure our success? Society? Family? Friends? Co-workers? Media? People at church? If we don’t measure up to the standards of others does that make us failures? At some point in time we all have to step up and decide “What makes me successful?”images (3)“Am I going to be a success or am I going to be a failure?”

Well Let me tell you my success is NOT defined by my clothes, my house, my income, society, media, friends, or anything else! I am successful because I alone decided to rise above my fears and self doubt and started to make changes to be a healthier, happier person! I am a success because I am learning to conquer my food addiction. I am a success because even though I struggle almost every day I’m learning to brush off the dirt and keep on trying!

I want to share with you my success for today. I was having a horrible sweet craving and a crunchy food craving. Two weeks ago I would have grabbed my favorite pop and a bag of chips and dip. And eaten it all!

NOT TODAY! This is what I ate instead!

Lots of yummy fresh fruit and raw almonds!

This my friends is a small success. A baby step success.  But a success indeed!


3 thoughts on “Success

  1. Good job Jennifer and if I did this it would not be called a baby step but one big mountain I just climbed!!! You are an inspiration for me to get off my behind and get doing something for my health!!!! I love ya!

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