Baby Steps

 Is there anyone who doesn’t love babies? My greatest joy in life was becoming a mom!  Burying  my nose in their little necks and breathing in that fresh baby smell. Baby kisses, baby giggles, baby smiles, and baby love. The best thing about being a mom is watching my kids (who are now 18,16 and 14) grow and develop. I loved watching their eyes light up when they discovered how to put their toes in their mouths. Or the smiles when a toy made a funny sound and surprised them. The out stretched hands when comfort was needed. The most amazing thing was watching my kids learn how to walk. To take those baby steps learning to trust their own bodies to do what comes naturally. To trust that mommy was going to be there to catch them if they fell.  It’s all about them learning, growing, trusting and having determination.

I was thinking yesterday that this journey to a new me is going to be so hard. Giving up my comfort foods…ugh the cravings. Food is my addiction. I am a food-aholic (is that even a word?) Am I ever going to be able to fix what is so wrong? Can I ever learn to stop this desire to self destruct by over eating? Fighting back tears I prayed that I find the strength to defeat  this cycle that I am in. Then I saw this post:

“It may be difficult, but God will never ask you to do something and then not give you the power to do it. Whatever tests you’re facing, you have the grace to pass them.” Joel Osteen Ministries

YES! I heard that loud and clear. It’s like that was just for me 🙂

This journey to the new me has to be about baby steps. Easing myself in to the necessary changes to get healthy. I’m trying  new things every day. I’m learning that I still have the strength and determination that has been long buried. I’m growing in strength mentally and physically as I exercise daily. It’s going to be a long process, but I know that it’s possible! I have to learn to trust those who are helping me and supporting me. I have to learn to trust myself to stick with my plan. To understand that setbacks will happen. To trust myself not to fall apart when those setbacks happen.

My sons’ wrestling coaches would say “It takes dedication, discipline and desire to be a winner”  How true is that?  I get it. I understand it.  But still I need baby steps! I have to ease into this. I don’t want to get overwhelmed!  This is a process of growth and development. I will lean on my family, friends and God for support. Trusting that they will catch me when I fall. I will have tears of frustration, but I will survive. I will be a brand new me….taking my baby steps! Eventually those baby steps will lead to bigger, longer more steady, self-confident strides.



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