Defense…Defense….Defense.  Go to any high school game and you will for sure hear cheers about defense, coaches yelling about defense. It’s all about being in your opponents face and backing them down. It’s being aggressive. You can’t win a game if you don’t have good defense. Offense is needed too but what’s the point if the defense is weak. Defense wins games. A good solid defense leads to a good solid offense.  Listen to me sounding all sporty and knowledgeable…kinda makes me chuckle.  The thing with defense is that it is exhausting emotionally and physically. If you are constantly on the defense you just can’t relax. You can’t sit back and enjoy how well the offense is working.  My son’s JV football team was undefeated this past football season. The perfect record 9-0. The dream team. The first undefeated football team for Vandercook Lake HS in well over 15 years (too bad JV doesn’t count for school records)  They were like a well oiled machine. Working together to dominate any game they played. The offense was great, but the defense was amazing! Because of their defense the offense could soar.

In the arena of life, it’s all about a good balance of offense and defense. When we have a good balance in life we live long healthy, prosperous happy lives.  I started out with amazing defensive skills. I ate well. I got lots of sleep. I was very athletic in my younger years. Track, cross country, soccer, walking, riding bikes, swimming. My offense was great. I was happy. Life was good. Then I branched off into the world on my own. No coaching, just me trying to figure out a new playbook for my life. That’s when my defense started to get shaky. When things became real my defense became non existent. I no longer was able to keep control of my emotional eating. I was no longer able to deal with stress. I had a few rounds with emotionally/physically abusive relationships. My defense quickly became a duck and run strategy. Life sucks, so duck it and run for cover and don’t come out until the coast is clear. I was clearly unable to in many ways stand on my own two feet.  My defense or lack there of made the offense weak as well. Not being able to cope made the joys in life not so exciting. Laughter was gone, friendships went away, being able to see the beauty in life was slipping away.

Fast forward the years.  I have a beautiful family. I have a husband whom has put up with all my craziness for 20 years. I  have some amazing friends. Life is good. But life can be better. My defense is getting stronger. I’m working on defeating the bad in my life and letting my offense soar. To be able to look at myself and say I am happy with me. That’s when I know I’ve reached the perfect balance of offense and defense. I don’t need to be a well oiled machine like my son’s football team. I just need to be fine tuned, tweaked a bit and in working order. I have a lot of living I want to do.

So today as I start my day I say thank you Lord for another chance to get it right. I will win this battle. I will not give up. Failure is not an option!


2 thoughts on “D-D-Defense

  1. Well said! I agree with Tahny, you are mentally on the right track. Everything else will fall into place. You have the determination and the power within yourself to make things happen.

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